Throwback Time! Classic Hits Revisited by Orchard Artists

right the stars, somebody that i used to know, gotye, coverAfter dabbling in YouTube for some time now, I can’t help but notice how many interesting renditions of notable songs have been performed by some of The Orchard’s artists.

Here are a few that have stuck out to me recently:

1. Artist: Right The Stars
Song: Somebody That I Used To Know
Original Performer: Gotye
Label: New Power Media

My take: This song is all over the place now: The Voice and Glee both covered it and artists all over are putting their own spin on it. This one keeps the eerie and echoey sound of the original, and I actually prefer this version because it’s slower and you have a chance to hear quality singing voices vocalizing — both female and male. You can appreciate the song more this way.

2. Artist: Chrome Division
Original Performer : ZZ Top
Song: Sharp Dressed Man
Label: Nuclear Blast

My take: Call me biased but I really like Nuclear Blast artists. They tend to be on the heavier side so this ultimately is a faster, louder version of the original. I’d say it’s just as good as the original — might even be a little bit better if I had to choose and the pace of the song is what would swing my vote.

3. Artist: The Chillout Sessions
Original Performer: Michael Jackson
Song: Thriller
Label: GLD Distribution

My take:  Ok, we all know Thriller is amazing on its own and covering it is going to be a risky endeavor but this one’s pretty neat. It’s slow and jazzy — and the best part — you can still dance to it!

4. Artist: Boyz II Men
Original Performer: Five Satins
Song: In The Still Of The Night
Label: Benchmark Entertainment LLC

My take: Amazing song in any form. As long as the vocals are sung well, any group can cover this song successfully. It’s not so much about the artists but the song and how it’s performed. Of course, it helps that this is Boyz II Men…

5. Artist: Low Frequency Club
Original Performer: Talking Heads
Song: Girlfriend Is Better
Label: Foolica Records (Italy)

My take: While I like the synth by the cover and how it attempts to be new wave, I still prefer the Talking Heads version based on how the vocals are sung (they flow better) and how much more peppy the song is.

6. Artist: Hot Gossip
Original Performer: Haddaway
Song: What Is Love
Label: Foolica Records (Italy)

My take: I like this cover because it is nothing at all like the original. The band took their own twist yet kept the essence of the song intact. Kind of like when you bake chocolate chip cookies — they’re still chocolate chip cookies but you put your own spin on it. One is more serious and one you are able to dance to. This one takes the “don’t hurt me” part more seriously rather than the “what is love” part we like to bop our heads to. Thanks Hot Gossip for making us look at this song in a whole new way!

7. Artist:  Manolo Munoz
Original Peformer: The Four Seasons
Song: Big Girls Don’t Cry (Spanish)
Label: Musart

My Take: It’s just like the original but in Spanish. I’m impressed they have a Spanish version of Frankie Valli who can hit those high notes!

8. Artist: Catherine A.D.
Original Performer: Pearl Jam
Song: Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
Label: Catherine A.D.

My take: You may miss the notable sound of Eddie Vedder’s voice, but that’s still fine to me since it’s a whole new version of the song and does it’s own thing. I actually dig the soft female voice who enunciates (sorry Eddie) every line. Both the original version and the cover evoke the same emotion. Very well done.


Did you like the covers? Post your thoughts below!

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