Clerks Comes To Netflix

Cable-cutting fans of the Miramax collection, boasting 284 Academy Award nominations with 68 Oscar wins, will be delighted to see them finding their way to streaming services across the map. Filmyard Holdings, who purchased Miramax from Disney late last year for $660 million, has shown quite a commitment to their digital strategy. Licensing their catalog to iTunes in February, and now to Netflix who has just announced that they too will get a piece of the pie.

This non-exclusive deal will bring films like Clerks, Kill Bill, and Pulp Fiction to Netflix streaming. However, some films may not be available immediately and will also be susceptible to the ‘rotating’ availability we have all come to love… This also means that we may see this collection land in other outlets like Hulu and Amazon VOD. Youtube is also said to be eyeing the collection for their own movie on demand service.

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