Digital Is Playing Dirty

Slip on those white shades, pull down the door to the Delorean and get ready to be ‘tooken’ to the future of hip hop. Dirty Digital is a duo from Chicago who is doing things proper by delivering us a mix of electro and hip hop that will make you want to do the robot while you take out your new iPhone to tell your mom just how solid these tunes are. Qwazaar (of Typical Cats) and Silence (of Outerlimitz) are the emcees/producers that reside beneath all that digital dirt and they have teamed up with G.O.O.D. Music’s G.L.C. (also featured in Kanye West’s “Drive Slow” and “Spaceship”) for their 1st single “Sodapopinski.”

Having just returned from seeing Kanye West at the Virgin Mobilefest, i can say that Dirty Digital would have fit right in with Kanye’s retro-electro hip-pop crusade and the hordes of hip-hop heads, hipsters and good ol’ music fans that were loving it. “Sodapopinski” is an homage to old school pop culture with both the Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! reference and the filters that try to contain this arpeggiated, synth-laden track as it sweeps and dances through your speakers and all up in your brainium. The single can be found keeping company with a few other tasty tracks from the Dirty Digital boys on their debut maxi-single, available now. Also on the release are some ear-splitting, fist-pump inspiring remixes from the likes of Hey Champ and DJ Jali.

This music is truly a breath of fresh air, and as proclaimed on the “Madonna” remix, the Dirty Digital sound is guaranteed to make your “woofers fried,” so get ready to shake what your momma gave you in those Z. Cavaricci’s that I know you never had the heart to throw away. This is where music is heading, so roll up your sleeves and strap in, cause it’s gonna get dirty.

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