Digital Film Marketing And The Importance Of Category Management

Later this summer, the US Open of Surfing will take over huge swaths of Huntington Beach (July 28th to August 5th for those of you SoCal residents hoping to attend). Prior to that, the Royal Wedding is due to take place on Saturday, May 19th. Every June is LGBTQ Pride Month in the U.S. with Father’s Day taking place June 17th.

If you’re confused about what any of the above could possibly have in common – the answer is nothing, but also everything. Welcome to the world of category management.

One of the focuses for The Orchard Film/TV digital sales and marketing team is monetizing the vast library of content we’ve accrued over the years. (“Library” defined here as any title that has crossed its twelfth month since launching on VOD; that said, the team could begin to pulse content in the first transactional window, as well.) Continuing to find relevant opportunities to bring titles back into the spotlight across our digital, cable and satellite partners beyond its initial launch date as a new release is critical in terms of optimizing the title throughout its lifecycle.

As such, the team is constantly working to identify upcoming events, national holidays, new releases, and more to draft off. Some stunts are seasonally recurring – think Father’s Day, Halloween, or Easter – while others are more singular in nature (ie: the aforementioned Royal Wedding). Sometimes partners come to us with categories they’re interested in, and we pitch our thematically linked content for inclusion in those collections. Just as often, however, we’re pitching The Orchard-specific collections of content to them. While there could be a TPR (temporary price reduction) associated with inclusion on transactional platforms, AVOD and/or streaming partners like Prime Video, where revenue is based on minutes viewed, elevated placement can become the difference between wide discovery and a title sitting, lost, amidst a sea of content.

When you have epic surf films like Under An Arctic SkyOcean Driven, Nervous Laughter, Between Two Harbors and more in your arsenal, you pay attention to the dates of major surf events around the world. Like anything else in life, timing is everything.

Images courtesy of Chris Burkard and View From A Blue Moon. 

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