Shitdisco Play Free “Tits and Bombs” Party Thursday, June 12th

shitdiscoGet ready to dance till you drop!  Starting this Thursday, June 12, Shitdisco is going to be kicking off their Tits and Bombs DJ Tour at R Bar, and coincidentally, Dim Mak will be releasing a new version of their album Kingdom of Fear to go along with it.

Doors open at 10 PM for what is sure to be a jam packed night of entertainment featuring Alex English and “guests” alongside Shitdisco–imagine the possibilities! With songs like “72 Virgins” and “I Know Kung Fu,” it may very well be impossible to stop dancing.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the new release, which is set to drop pretty soon.  In the meantime, head on over to R Bar and check out Shitdisco for FREE (as long as you are on the guestlist, which you can sign up for at (also easy and free).

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