Exorcise Your Demons With William Friedkin’s “The Devil & Father Amorth”

For all of those who love a good head-spinning horror film, this one’s for you: The Orchard has acquired worldwide rights to Academy Award winning director William Friedkin’s The Devil & Father Amorth. The highly anticipated documentary is slated for a theatrical release in on April 20th followed by a worldwide digital release.

If Friedkin’s name rings a bell (or sends a chill down your spine), you probably know him from a little film called The Exorcistthe groundbreaking movie that he directed in 1973. Now, forty-five years after The Exorcist made waves in theaters, Friedkin returns to the controversial subject in documentary form with The Devil & Father Amorth. 

The doc follows 91-year-old Father Gabriele Amorth, aka the “Vatican Exorcist,” as he tackles his final exorcism. The subject of this case, his ninth exorcism for those out there counting, is an Italian woman named Rosa who has experience chronic fits and behavioral changes that appear most on Christian holidays. Throughout the entire frightening process, Friedkin follows close behind to track every dramatic move as the old man attempts to expel Satan once more.

Check out the full press release here, and if you want more, see Deadline Hollywood’s feature on the acquisition here.

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