Freeloader Friday: Alex Bleeker & The Freaks, Dreamcrusher & More

CountryAgendaAlbumArtWelcome back to Freeloader Friday and for those of you in NYC, welcome to CMJ Music Marathon weekend! CMJ is one of the most important emerging music festivals/conferences out there and, annually, thousands of bands, musicians, talent scouts and industry pros flock to NYC to be part of the circus of cool. If you’re not at CMJ or if you just need a break from the action, let me show you the latest and greatest from The Orchard because IT’S FREELOA-… well, you know what day it is.

Check out Country Agenda, a brand new album from Alex Bleeker & The Freaks. This easy-going Hippie-Rock album is full of soothing vocal harmony, organ, acoustic guitar and gentle tempos that meander from one style to the next. Like driving from Wichita to San Francisco in a Volkswagen van, you’ll witness a variety of sunny landscapes that reference roots rock, blues shuffles, country waltzes, and other pacifying, jamband-inspired stylings.

For an emotion on the opposite side of the spectrum, listen to Electronic Noise-Rock group, Dreamcrusher‘s new track, “Trapdoor.” I’d say it’s something like standing behind the afterburners of an F-18 during an aircraft carrier takeoff and simultaneously dodging a slow-motion enemy missile attack in the middle of a category two hurricane — but that might be a bit excessive. Seriously though, I urge you all to listen with open ears and consider the extreme array of emotions that music, on a grand scale, is capable of producing.

I always like to review one music video on Freeloader Friday. This week we’ve got Novella‘s latest, “Sentences.” Describing their own music, Novella uses the appropriately cool genre name, Dream-Pop. Come to think of it, the oddly textural imagery of the video for “Sentences” does remind me of an unexplainable dream that I had last night. Must’ve been that late-night slice on the way home from The Ivorys‘ CMJ showcase last night.

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ZebraheadWalk The Plank album premiere via Rock Sound
Walk The Plank out October 16 on Rude Records

MaritimeMagnetic Bodies / Maps of Bones full album stream via Noisey
Magnetic Bodies / Maps of Bones out October 16 on Dangerbird

Alex Bleeker & The FreaksCountry Agenda full album stream via Stereogum
Country Agenda out October 16 on Sinderlyn

The MantlesAll Odds End full album stream via Stereogum
All Odds End out October 16 on Slumberland

Various Artists: Gazing With Tranquility: A Tribute to Donovan full album stream via NPR
Gazing With Tranquility: A Tribute to Donovan out October 16 on Rock The Cause

PALMAS: “Take My Hand” track premiere via Noisey
To The Valley EP out November 13 on Lost Colony Music

Dreamcrusher: “Trapdoor” track stream via Pitchfork
Hackers All Of Them Hackers out October 30 on Fire Talk

Novella: “Sentences” music video premiere via Stereogum
Land out now on Sinderlyn

Alana Yorke: “Anthem” music video premiere via YouTube
Dream Magic out October 30 on Paper Bag Records

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