Freeloader Friday: S U R V I V E, Equador & More

RR7349Hello and happy National Hammock Day (no, seriously) to all of you wonderful Freeloaders! Hopefully you can spend these next couple of days relaxing and swaying along to this week’s set of chill new tracks. Let’s get listenin’!

S U R V I V E, the analog aficionados responsible for scoring Netflix’s Stranger Things, have made new waves in the world of electronic music with their latest track, “A.H.B.” Smooth pulses of sawtooth synth goodness flow effortlessly between multiple musical themes, while softer, wispier synths subtly inject vibrant color and energy – enrobing the listener in ambient bliss. Although “A.H.B.” has no actual lyrics, the beautiful melodic patterns and transitions continuously evolve to tell an open-ended story entirely on their own. With tracks this good, S U R V I V E’s upcoming album RR7349 is sure to be nothing short of an electronic masterpiece.

If you enjoyed the minimal, yet profound sonic mastery behind Equador’s single “Blood,” get ready to be floored by Robot Koch’s remix of the ethereal track. Unlike many of today’s remixes, this track wasn’t ripped apart and sloppily glued back together with chunky drumbeats, rapid hi-hats and an overload of ill-fitting electronic synths. Instead, the Berlin-born producer doesn’t break what isn’t fixed – he recognizes and plays to the original track’s strengths, bringing the gorgeous vocals to the forefront and maintaining the song’s dark, calming essence while providing a new, fresh perspective on its introspective lyrics. The result is a beautiful reimagining of the fearless track from Equador’s upcoming record Bones of Man that still remains true to the duo’s brilliant musical vision.

Finally, London-based alt-pop outfit Lull released a video for “Nouvelle,” the title track of their just-released Nouvelle EP. The video alludes to the “motifs of the sea” found in many of the band’s songs through its flowing blue-hued camerawork done by director Tom Palliser. Underneath the dreamlike, hallucinatory aesthetic, the beach imagery is fairly simplistic. This directs viewers’ focus to the track itself, which reminds me of picking up a handful of sand – with guitars gritty and coarse and long melodies flowing smoothly through your fingertips. The video plays into this idea as a whole, softening the edges of the crisp visual imagery with the use of surreal filters and soft superimposition of sea and sand to create a serene atmosphere.

Well, that’s all for me this week! Be sure to feast your ears on the rest of this week’s latest and greatest tracks below, and have a fantastic weekend!

Louise Goffin: The Essential Louise Goffin, Vol. 1 album stream via All Music
The Essential Louise Goffin, Vol. 1 out today on Majority of One

Blu & Nottz: Titans In the Flesh EP stream via AFH
Titans In the Flesh EP out now on Calming

Blu & Nottz: “Atlantis (feat. Akie Bermiss) [J57 Remix]” track premiere via 2 Dope Boyz
Titans In the Flesh EP out now on Coalmine

Rockabye Baby: “Get Lucky” track premiere via Stereogum
Rockabye Baby Birthday Party out October 14 on Rockabye Baby Music

True Widow: “Entheogen” track premiere via Brave Words
Avvolgere out September 23 on Relapse

DGM: “The Secret Pt. 1” track premiere via YouTube
The Passage out August 26 on Frontiers

Ringworm: “The Razor and the Knife” track premiere via Invisible Oranges
Snake Church out July 29 on Relapse

Gensu Dean & Denmark Vessey: “Black Love” track premiere via NPR
Whole Food out July 29 on Mellow Music Group

Equador: “Blood (Remix)” track premiere via Magnetic Magazine
Bones of Man out September 30 on Pegdoll

S U R V I V E: “A.H.B.” track premiere via Gorilla vs. Bear
RR7349 out September 30 on Relapse

Edison: “Open Road” track premiere via Pop Matters
Familiar Spirit out September 16 on Rhyme & Reason Records

Sharon Jones: “I’m Still Here” track premiere via SPIN
Miss Sharon Jones! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) out August 19 on Daptone

Dogbreth: “Steeping” track premiere via A.V. Club
Second Home out August 5 on Asian Man

Despised Icon: “Bad Vibes” video premiere via YouTube
Beast out today on Nuclear Blast

Dog Party: “Enough” video premiere via Brooklyn Vegan
‘Til You’re Mine out August 5 on Asian Man

Lull: “Nouvelle” video premiere via CLASH
Nouvelle EP out now on PaperCup Music

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