Get Frisky with Sons Of Hippies

UnknownTo all you Rock fans out there, the Psychedelic Space Rock trio Sons Of Hippies has premiered a new single and video for “Rose” on the music and culture website MXDWN. This is the second single from the Florida-based band’s new album, Griffons At The Gates Of Heaven, which hits stores on July 16th via Cleopatra Records.

The band is made up of lead singer vocalist/guitarist Katherine Kelly, drummer Jonas Canales, and bassist David Daly. The blissfully straightforward band name originated when Brazilian native Jonas and Florida-bred Katherine probed familial bonds to discover that they were, indeed, children of hippie parents. The mix of female and male voices really brings that extra something to their music. The video, though, is something that can’t quite be explained fully. It stars the members of the band driving in their red Mustang on a sun-soaked Florida afternoon, when they encounter a seductive trio of car-washing vixens. Much sudsy fun and playful teasing ensues — and the rest you will need to see for yourself! It’s definitely NSFW… so make sure you watch it when your boss isn’t around.

Speaking of NSFW, we had the pleasure of seeing Sons of Hippies do their thing at The Delancey last week. A bunch of Orchardites were present for the action, and the set was amazing — they had a surprisingly easy time getting the crowd excited, which is saying a lot for a Monday night show.

This album is the group’s strongest and most ambitious set of recordings to date, and earned these young upstarts a spot on a summer tour with two giants of Classic and Progressive Rock: Nektar and Wishbone Ash. All the latest tour dates are available on their website.

With that said, keep an eye out for the full album, and watch their music video for “Rose” in the meantime! We’ll cover you.

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