Goin’ Mobile: Some Stats and Tips for Mobile Marketing this Holiday Season

Digital marketing has always offered seemingly endless permutations of what one can do. This is, in fact, one of its chief allures and has kept me occupied for more than 15 years always chasing the next, (hopefully) most effective trick in the book. However, this very boundlessness is also quite often a trap, one into which all marketers — present writer included — fall from time-to-time.


Forgetting  the fundamentals and failing to see a tactic through to its effective pinnacle; or, often, missing an opportunity altogether in favor of a bright, shining object or flavor of the week is all too easy to do.

With the Holiday season upon us, I’d like to spend a moment on an oft-discussed but, in my humble opinion, completely under-exploited medium. Mobile. Specifically, the mobile web – as opposed to OS-specific apps. With so much focus on search and social, we marketers often fail to realize the media through which these activities are increasingly being performed by our beloved end users.


Image Source: GetElastic/ThreatMatrix


Wait, that last one… what? It makes me feel less alone. But… wow!

We all know that mobile usage is skyrocketing. We all know that search drives discovery and purchase. We all know that social media is huge and that a great deal of that social activity occurs on mobile devices. Having a search strategy or a social strategy without taking into account mobile is akin to having a great face for radio.


So, what’s a time-pressed, Tweeting, Facebooking, SEO-ing, SEM-ing music marketer to do? Well, there’s a  typical response: “Let’s build our own app!”

No. Unless you have a compelling reason to do so, this is likely your poorest ROI choice.

I’ve been trying to focus on fundamentals and leverage the activities that are already a part of my strategy. Perhaps this approach might work for you. Some examples:

When tweeting, ensure that the destination URL is mobile friendly. Or, tweet twice: once to a web destination, once to a mobile destination and denote which is which. Ditto for Facebook posts.

Assume that a good percentage of your audience is on a connected mobile device — and not necessarily via a speedy Wi-Fi connection. Walk a mile in their shoes. How’s the experience? If it’s lame, don’t send them there. Create something else.


Use a WordPress plug-in to make your site or blog mobile-friendly. It may not win you a design award but, unless you’re running a design firm, that shouldn’t be the goal anyway.

Use a plug-and-play solution like Songpier to build a music-specific mobile destination site. (Conveniently for clients of The Orchard, Songpier is a Marketplace partner. I highly recommend taking the few minutes to build a few for your priority releases.)

Straightforward, highly-functional mobile pages will get the job done. Use tools that make it easy for you and useful for your mobile end user. After all, mobile commerce is expected to go through the roof this holiday season. And the last thing a good marketer wants to do is a miss a good look or leave a sale on the table – or on the (small) screen.

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