GoPro and Action Sports: A Match Made in Heaven

maxresdefaultGoPro is a household name in the Action Sports world. From skateboarding to biking, snowboarding to car racing, GoPro has given Action Sports fans an amazing new viewing perspective. GoPro cameras put viewers right into a professional athlete’s shoes, producing incredible first person shots of the tricks and stunts performed. It gives the average person the opportunity to see how a backflip looks from the rider’s seat of a dirt bike, or what a surfer sees catching a huge wave in Hawaii.

This first person point of view has become a staple in modern Action Sports films. No matter which sport you watch, you can be assured that you will see some awesome first person footage. Take Red Bull’s film The Unrideables: Alaska Range, which was released by The Orchard earlier this year. The film focuses on speed riding, a sport that combines skiing and parachuting, and Red Bull utilizes GoPro cameras throughout the film, giving viewers breathtaking first person shots of big mountain skiing/parachuting. Check out the The Unrideables: Alaska Range trailer at The Orchard’s Echoboom Sports YouTube channel.

The Orchard’s top Action Sports clients such as Red Bull Media House, Rocky Mountain Sherpas Cinema and Warren Miller Entertainment take advantage of GoPro’s cutting edge technology to deliver a new viewing experience to Action Sports fans. They recognize the value of first person shots in their films. These shots have undoubtedly added to the appeal of Action Sports films to the public, propelling films from these clients to the top of the sports charts. Sherpas Cinema’s Into the Mind released by The Orchard in September of 2013, remains the top digital grossing Ski movie in history.

On its end, GoPro has staked its claim as the go-to action camera in the Action Sports film industry. They are a major sponsor for some of the most popular Action Sports films, providing top of the line cameras to capture amazing first person shots. This is a testament to all that GoPro and Action Sports are truly a match made in heaven.

Be on the lookout for these upcoming Action Sport releases from The Orchard: View From A Blue Moon, Cam Zink: Reach For the Skyand Moto 7: The Movie.

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