Happy 25th Birthday Nuclear Blast!

Nuclear BlastThe Orchard and Nuclear Blast have been friends a long time, continuously working and innovating together in the Metal genre and New Media for many years. We’re excited to celebrate the label’s 25th milestone this Fall!

Since Nuclear Blast‘s inception in 1987, founder Markus Staiger has developed it into one of the biggest independent labels in the world. Founded in Donzdorf, Germany, Nuclear Blast has launched such artists as Meshuggah, Testament, Nightwish (Europe-only), Children of Bodom, Anthrax (Europe-only), Dimmu Borgir, All Shall Perish, Epica, Exodus and Accept. They are now 150 employees strong and have offices operating in L.A. in addition to their original hometown offices in Donzdorf.

The Orchard began its collaboration with Nuclear Blast in 2006 as their exclusive digital distributor outside of Europe. As our suite of services has expanded, we have been proud to partner with Nuclear Blast to execute some of the most innovative Interactive Marketing campaigns in modern independent music. We’re also thankful that Nuclear Blast is always willing to embark on frontiers that labels of their genre haven’t ventured into before.

Here are some highlights from our solid partnership with Nuclear Blast:

A Mobile Metal First

In May 2009, we launched the first Metal iPhone app with the Nuclear Blast artist Suffocation via our partnership with app developer Mobile Roadie. This was swiftly followed by the Nuclear Blast Radio app, which was the first of its kind in the genre, as well.

Mobile Roadie Nuclear Blast Promo

If you want to dig deeper:

  • Click here to view updates, tour dates and music featured on Nuclear Blast’s iPhone/iPod Touch app
  • Songs can continuously be featured on NB’s Radio app here

You Say Stream, We Say Live Stream

In December 2009, we partnered with ustream.tv to enable the legendary Thrash Metal band Exodus to give their fans a sneak peek of in-studio time via a live stream of the band’s rehearsals for their Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit B album.

Exodus live stream

Taking Up Space on Myspace

In September 2010, considering the high profile of the release and the staggered international release dates of Dimmu Borgir‘s ABRAHADABRA, The Orchard secured an album premiere via Myspace properties across the globe.

Dimmu Borgir Myspace

Less Talking, More Interacting

In December 2010, we embarked on a project that took several months in the making. In a nutshell, we built a worldwide promotional platform for Nuclear Blast to stream DVD content, live studio look-ins, live chats and more to their fans across the globe. Not only was it something the label had been asking for since we ran our innovative Exodus live stream, it was also a clear demonstration of our value as a global partner.

Take a look at the site here or check out this screenshot below of the first stream in the room, Amorphis’ DVD “Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes:”

Nuclear Blast Streaming Room

**Designed by our Orchard in-house IM and Graphics team, the promotional page is built to be customizable for endless future use by Nuclear Blast (i.e. swap out images and links for whatever content is being promoted). In addition, we armed the page with Ustream’s “Social Stream” feature, which allows fans to login to Twitter, Facebook, Myspace or AIM to post live updates and chats while the content is streaming.

Paint My Kolossal Banner Black

In March 2012, we partnered with Cover Junction to provide a banner to Meshuggah fans on Facebook that was customized for the new Facebook Timeline. The focus was the Koloss album artwork. This gave fans an opportunity to brand their page in anticipation of the upcoming album release and allowed the branded art to go viral via fans sharing the banner with other fans and encouraging them to use the same banner as their own Facebook cover photo.

Meshuggah Cover Junction Banner

Spreading Roots Around The Earth

In July 2012, we partnered with Webdoc to engage Testament’s massive and loyal fan base. We enabled fans worldwide to upload their photos from Testament gigs, with members of the band, holding Testament merch, etc. Each reply was branded with the Testament logo, album info and the hashtag #darkrootsofearth.

Curious as to what a Webdoc looks like? Click here for the Webdoc campaign, click here for the Facebook app or check out the screenshot below:

Testament Webdoc

It’s Officially a Party

Last but not least, we are currently running iTunes and Amazon promotions to maximize exposure for Nuclear Blast’s products in celebration of their anniversary:

Thanks to Nuclear Blast for allowing us to join them on their journey. Cheers to you!

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