Guaranteed “Horgasm” and How To Get One

Horgasm: A Love StoryRecently, The Orchard Sports rolled out a snowboard film documenting the carefree life of superstar snowboarder Torstein Horgmo. Titled Horgasm: A Love Story, it definitely raised some eyebrows and stirred discussion. Instagram actually banned #horgasm the night of the world premiere.

The traditional snowboard film formula was turned upside down with this project. Some called it a “game changer,” with several LOL moments, skits and of course insane snowboarding by one of the best in the world. After the trailer, released a month prior to street date, accumulated 100,000 views in its first 24 hours, we knew right away things were looking good on this one.

The film debuted iTunes at #1 in Sports sections worldwide and climbed as high as #26 in ALL films on the iTunes U.S. store, sandwiched right between The Grey and The Dark Knight. In Norway, Torstein’s home country, Horgasm was the #1 film for almost a week! In fact 68% of downloads came from outside the USA.

Because Torstein is a global brand in snowboarding, we wanted to cast a wide net with marketing. We put together an extensive campaign to drive awareness of the film. Several unique marketing directives were slated for launch, but a creative one came from our relationship with ESPN. We didn’t want to just post the press release that the film was available on iTunes, we wanted to incorporate something fun so we put together a campaign where fans could post questions to Torstein on the X-Games Facebook page. Hundreds of questions were posed and Torstein answered several of them at the world premiere hosted at the Oakley headquarters. The video, which was called “Love Chat with Torstein,” was posted on ESPN’s Action Sports homepage and helped drive huge awareness and direct sales to iTunes for the film.

Additionally, by leveraging the social networks of all of his sponsors, we were able to reach over 12 million Facebook fans and Twitter followers with the iTunes purchase link. All this combined helped push Horgasm to the #1 snowboarding spot of the 2012 season!

Find Horgasm on iTunes, Xbox, Playstation and Amazon VOD worldwide. Coming to Hulu in January. For your viewing pleasure, check out the trailer below:

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