Icelandic Genre-Bender Mugison to Release Third Album, Mugiboogie

Forget ScarJo’s covers record (and I’m not even as much of an outspoken critic of it as most); if you’re a fan of Tom Waits’ brand of f*ed up blues-y grit and you’ve never heard of Mugison, it’s time to check him out. Mugiboogie is the third full-length from the eccentric Icelandic singer/songwriter whose influences stretch from Waits to James Brown, yet combine to create his own breed of crack-soul with some metal and folk ditties thrown in. While this may sound like it would make for a schizophrenic record, Mugison manages to create enough of a sexy-blues vibe on the album (three years in the making) that it comes together as a great tour de force for 2008. The Sun calls Mugison “a towering talent…Bjork with a headache,” and David Fricke of Rolling Stone has referred to him as “a country-blues Led Zeppelin, armed with a muscular backing band.” His last record (which may very well be our favorite album title of 2005), Mugimama! Is This Monkey Music? won Album of the Year in Iceland, as well as four other Icelandic Music Awards.

Having already sold 10,000 copies of Mugiboogie at home, Mugison is gearing up for its North American release June 24th on Mike Patton’s Ipecac Recordings. The folks at Paper Thin Walls are already buzzing about it, having recently spoken to him about the track “Jesus Is A Good Name To Moan.” Download and share lead-off track “Mugiboogie” right here:

MP3 : Mugison – “Mugiboogie”

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