The Importance of Being a Client Manager

tumblr_naz7frkZ2F1s5ouwpo1_500When people ask me “what do you do for a living?” I always take few seconds to ponder my words. It’s a cool job indeed, it’s just that when people hear “I work for a musi…” I can’t even finish my sentence before the inevitable “Wooow music? That’s sooo cool!” as the person before me pictures me going to concerts every night, drinking booze with artists backstage and going to exclusive parties.

Then, the moment comes when I have to explain to them that yes, my job is cool and I do go to a lot of gigs, but my everyday life is also filled with metadata, claims and, as the caption on my business card states, taking care of clients. After that, it’s their turn to take a few seconds to ponder their words, but usually the first question is “Metawhat?!”

If you’re in the music biz, just think of how many times you’ve had to explain to family, friends and acquaintances what your job consists of, and once you saw their puzzled faces, ended up saying “You know, it’s quite complicated to explain if you don’t work in the industry.” Then, it’s over, and people just think you’re strutting around because you work in THE industry.

Client Managers out there, let’s face it: we may not hang out with famous people every night, but our labour is vital to the market! We could easily write pages worth of the knowledge and technical skills we need to do our job well: rules about content, stores and rights in a market that is constantly evolving and highly competitive. We always need to be up-to-date if we want to keep up in an industry that requires high standards. Let’s keep that in mind the next time we have to explain what metadata is. And, well, also secretly strut around because we work in the best industry there is.

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