James Brown Feels Good, But We Knew That He Would

The industry-silencing news of the Godfather of Soul’s passing almost two years ago left a large gap in a genre of music still adored today. What can one do? To dub him a pioneer, a man who wore his heart on his sleeve for the people, would be an understatement. Fortunately for James Brown fans young and old, this owner of one of the 4 corners of funk is being renewed, to the tune of a digitally remastered re-release titled Soul Syndrome.

The album was originally recorded in 1980 as a funk/disco fusion work, and includes six tracks, some of which were ranked on the Billboard Black singles charts back in the day. Due out August 12th via Henry Stone Music, it represents the late great J-B in a way that only the legend himself could explain had he been here today. It’s basically Stone’s vision to recreate Brown to a new audience in a new way, and for that we’re grateful.

Raise the bar if you need to, but this album won’t disappoint-after all, this is JAMES BROWN we’re talking about here. Did we mention this album is by James Brown?

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