Label Spotlight: Slumberland Records

slumberlandlogoEarlier this month, we caught up with the man who has released records from the likes of Veronica Falls, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and more recently the SF / Brooklyn-based band, Weekend, and asked him to run down the five W’s for the label that he’s been running for the past 20+ years.

Who: I’m Mike Schulman, the owner of Slumberland. Aside from with the occasional intern, I run the label myself, and handle everything from A&R to production, mail order fulfillment, marketing, social media, running the label’s website, etc etc. It’s a lot!

What: Slumberland Records is primarily an Indie Rock label, but we’ve covered a pretty wide range of sounds, from Punk to Indie-Pop to Shoegaze and Post-Rock. Recent releases include sophomore albums from Veronica Falls, Wax Idols, Girls Names, Terry Malts and Weekend, which I think is a good encapsulation of the breadth of our offerings. Vinyl is an important part of what we do, and we strive to help the artists create beautiful, well-packaged albums.

When: We released our first record in December 1989 and have put out about 200 since then.

Where: Slumberland is now proudly based in Oakland, CA, but for our first three years we were based in the Washington, DC area.

Why: We originally started the label to document a small scene of bands that included Velocity Girl, Black Tambourine and Whorl. Eventually we branched out and released records by other bands (Lilys, Stereolab), and it’s chugged on steadily since then.

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