Lackthereof Records Ridiculous Daytrotter Bookery, Offers Up Another Free Track From Your Anchor

Last month, Menomena’s Danny Seim released the eighth (or ninth, we can’t tell…) full-length under his solo moniker, Lackthereof . Your Anchor , delivered July 22nd via Barsuk Records, has been landing praise left and right since its release. Danny recently contributed a trippy reading of the Book of Solomon to Daytrotter’s Bookery section. As Daytrotter editor Sean Moeller says, “you’re going to be hypnotized by this whacked out reading/recording made by Menomena drummer and Lackthereof mastermind Danny Seim and when you awake from the trance – inspired by the piece to paint your body green, speed-eat a pork chop and four apple pies, caress a complete stranger and then cannonball into a quiet pool, bellowing, ‘Behold thou art fair,’ in Latin or French.” Yeah, what he said.

Oh, and there’s more goodies, too. Seim is following up the release of last month’s “Last November ” with another standout from the album, “Choir Practice.”

MP3 : Lackthereof – Choir Practice

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