LAMC & The Orchard: A Friendship Made In Music

The LAMC (Latin Alternative Music Conference) is held in New York each year and draws industry players from around the world to participate. With panels, showcases, and networking events, the conference brings everyone together to share and discuss Latin music within the US market. Attendees include all varieties of music lovers, such as media, retailers, marketers, distributers, artists and fans.

The week got off to an amazing start with an exclusive kick-off party at The Orchard featuring performances by MarrónFyahbwoy, Niña Dioz and Tomasa Del Real. With drinks, tons of empanadas, great company, and fantastic music, the event was an absolute blast.

Each year, The Orchard attends LAMC to share our knowledge, gain a fresh perspective and learn from the best in their fields. The time spent at the conference is also used to support and connect with our labels, meet with Latin programmers and promote upcoming priority releases. With top players in the mix, the LAMC presents an important opportunity to strengthen and develop relationships with key industry decision makers.

Our team members and blog post collaborators, Claudia Ochoa and Luis Palmeros traveled from Mexico City to New York City to attend the conference and took home new insights and great memories from the week. Step inside their shoes and travel to the LAMC, below.

What were some of your favorite panels, and what were your key takeaways?

Claudia: To be a woman in the music industry is tough specially in some male dominated genre’s like Regional Mexican Music, but it not impossible and you can definitely grow and make an impact in any area, including music. Just as Colleen Theis, our COO, exposed in the panel — you need to make your own path and work hard to achieve your goals. I feel proud to work at The Orchard with a lot of female leaders and to be part of a company that respects both men and women with equal opportunities to grow and expose their personal ideas. 

Luis: Every panel brought some industry knowledge to the table and great conversations about the current state and future of the market, each focusing on different aspects like synchronization, bridging the Latin and US markets, music education and more. The Women Changing the Face of the Latin Music Industry panel lead by key industry players like Colleen Theis (The Orchard), Livys Cerna (Latin Grammys), Erika Elliot (SummerStage) and more, really stood out. The panelist discussed how, as a woman in the industry, genre has been a factor in each of their perspective lanes, with great points as to how to move forward and narrow the gap.

With so many showcases and parties, what were some of your favorite experiences?

C: The bands were amazing but personally loved the all girl power at the LAMC Celebrate Brooklyn! Show @ Prospect Park Bandshell with Mala Rodriguez, Ana Tijoux and Girl Ultra, highlighting talented women in different genre’s that are all equally amazing. Great women, great career experiences.

L: All in all, the most exciting aspect about an event like this is networking. There’s something quite invaluable about meeting and working face to face with people that are building and feeding the same industry that you breath every day. The event does a great job of providing a good space, scheduling, events and other tools to actually get down to business with people that share the objective of growing the latin industry across the top markets. You can learn a lot from other people’s personal work experiences, which is, in a nutshell, why the LAMC is a success that should be taken advantage off each year.

We’re already counting down the days until next year! Thanks for having us LAMC.

Photos by Karlo Ramos

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