Les Savy Fav Prove Out, Actually Are Best Live Band Possible

Tim Harrington On Top Of CoachellaBrooklyn’s Les Savy Fav finally released a live album last week. It was recorded on New Years Eve/Early, Early, Early New Years Day, which explains the adorably-inappropriate title, After The Balls Drop, and the disproportionate amount of spirited/drunken covers (Pixies, Love, Misfits!). Considering they’ve been around for a bajillion years, and that they’re easily “the best live band in indie rock*,” it’s sort of hard to believe it took this long for Tim Harrington and company to get around to releasing something like this. That said, we’re in agreement with most everybody that it was well worth the wait.

Head over to Pitchfork for an interview with Tim (subjects: The Wiggles, baby boners, Cezanne), or Daytrotter to hear drummer Harrison Haynes read the epic, alcohol-obsessed liner notes from the digital booklet that accompanies purchases of the album at iTunes.

MP3: Sweat Descends

* note: they’re also the best dads in indie rock

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