Let Catey Shaw Walk All Over You

Catey_Press1As many aspiring musicians out there know, it only takes one big break in the entertainment industry to get your foot in the door. Catey Shaw is no stranger to this, as she got her opportunity when music producer Jay Levine of Lefthook Entertainment spotted her busking on the F train station. “It was completely serendipitous,” says Jay. “I just immediately noticed how interesting and unique her voice was.” This event marks the beginning of their musical collaboration, one that has produced multiple Pop hits to date and a style completely unique to Catey Shaw.

Word about Catey‘s music first got out with the summer release of her single “Brooklyn Girls” in 2014. The song went viral, albeit not in the most positive light, but Catey made the most of it and quickly seduced the world with the rest of The Brooklyn EPHuman Contact” was a huge hit on Reddit and made its way into every Indie Pop lover’s head, for good. That’s Catey’s charm: through every musical project, she creates extremely catchy melodic lines that stick. The latest, her new single “Walks All Over You,” is a perfect example. I dare you:

The song tells the tale of an evil seductress who takes advantage of her lovers, and the music video, which premiered a couple of weeks ago on Paste, captures its 80s synth-pop vibe perfectly. Best of all: it came to life through Radar Music Videos, one of The Orchard Marketplace‘s featured apps. Through it, Catey Shaw’s team created a descriptive brief for the video and picked their favorite treatment from a slew of submissions. I’d say: job well done!

What’s more, Catey Shaw recently graced us here in our own offices with an amazing Radial Live performance. It was the first time I heard her music, and I got completely hooked. The videos of her performance will be live on our Radial Live channel soon, so don’t forget to click that subscribe button to get notified! In the meantime, you can check out some pics of her recent performance at The Knitting Factory or catch her at CMJ this week to witness Catey Shaw’s unique style for yourself.

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