Let’s Takka Takka A Migration

Takka Takka
Migration / Ernest Jenning / BUY

When last we heard from Takka Takka, the Brooklyn-based art-rock quintet, they were setting the world o’ blog ablaze with We Feel Safer At Night, their pensive, restrained evocation of a civilization drifting askew. They earned comparisons to Lou Reed and made fans of indie sensations Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah, who awarded them the opening slot on their tour.

With Migration, released this Tuesday to joyful appreciation, the Takka team treads new territory. Drawing from the Balinese heritage of singer/guitarist Gabe Levine, the band creates songs steeped in rippling, rumative guitar patterns. Right off the Goa Lawah bat, the incantatory “Monkey Forest Road” slips you into a waking dream that doesn’t dissipate until the final chants of closer “You And Universe”. In between, tracks like “Silence” and “Everybody Say” integrate high sprinkling synths as Levine softly sings of death and
the ebb and flow of bodies.

You can check out “Everybody Say” below, or for a limited time stream the whole album here!

MP3: Takka Takka – Everybody Say

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