Live In The Moment with Spotify’s Latest Updates

SpotifyRunningStreaming with Spotify has just made its largest application update in over a year with a few new and exciting additions to their mobile platform.

This update not only provides users with algorithmic and professionally curated mixes but it automatically offers listeners music based on their current setting. Whether you’ve just woken up, are on your commute or even feel like catching a few ‘zzz’s,’ Spotify has you covered. They have appropriately dubbed this new feature ‘Spotify Now,’ which means what you want to listen to, well, right now.

In addition, Spotify has also launched ‘Running,‘ which uses your phone’s accelerometer to determine how fast you’re running or walking and plays music accordingly. On your next run around the block, make sure to give this feature a try — it’s pretty cool.

But that’s not all: Spotify also unveiled a host of other new features to the mobile app including access to more than just music. Podcasts, videos, news and TV clips are available right on Spotify’s home screen. As they say, content is king. iOS users can already get their fix of Spotify’s new features. The Android update is soon to follow. For the full scoop click here!

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