Local Natives on Daytrotter, Video From Bowery Ballroom Show On Baeble

Local Natives are on a non-stop flight to the top, dazzling fans with a seemingly endless run of amazing shows.  After a highly acclaimed performance at the Pitchfork Music Festival, Local Natives have won the gold yet again with their latest session at Daytrotter.

Revisiting “Wide Eyes” and tackling new ground with lesser-hyped Gorilla Manor tracks “Sticky Thread” and “Cubism Dream,Local Natives have created the quintessential acoustic companion to their LP.

Daytrotter’s Sean Moeller says it best in his write-up:

They paint the picture, with three and four-part harmonies that could butter bread and with a revelatory rhythm and pulse that makes you perspire, your heart race like a filly just thinking about it. The band arranges songs in ways that force you to behave differently, to change a little inside…”

Listen to the entire Daytrotter session here:

Natives also have a video up on Baeblemusic.com, a live capture of their show at the Bowery Ballroom in New York last May. Check it out below:

For More Information:

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