Maps & Atlases Find “Solid Ground”

Chicago’s Maps & Atlases have debuted the first video from their debut full-length Perch Patchwork for “Solid Ground” over at MTV2’s Subterranean and MTVu, and they have announced tour dates for this November across the midwest and east coast.

Filmed over a weekend in the beautiful Berkshires in western Massachusetts, the video was directed by Taryn Gould and Emily Kowalczyk. “Solid Ground” depicts the quartet attempting to lure lead singer Dave Davison back ashore while he drifts between states of consciousness.

Also, Pitchfork recently highlighted the band’s performance with the Willie Brown Bears on’s reoccurring Tunnelvision feature. Originally captured by San Francisco’s, this charming version of “The Charm” was recorded with a talented group of eighth-graders from the Willie Brown Academy. According to Yours Truly’s Will Abramson, it wasn’t easy to track down a drum-line in SF, but he lucked out with these kids, finding them decked out in full marching band gear for their big gig. “The kids were a bit shy at first, but afterwards they all thanked the band and told them how it was a cool experience getting to listen to a song that wasn’t on the radio and actually play alongside a real band.”

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