Melvins Unsheathe New Track

What’s that ridiculous racket rising over your Wednesday morning? Well, we’re betting it’s the sound of the world turning up their shitty computer speakers and pumping the first track from the forthcoming Melvins record, Nude With Boots. This morning, the folks over at Pitchfork wrote up the title-gem, patting it on the bottom and offering it up to the world. Here’s what they had to say:

“The newest record’s title track is a prime example: Streamlined and strengthened, the Melvins sound a little like Cheap Trick with bigger forearms and taller stacks. Double drums lead in, gradually accelerating, like a car winding up to speed down the open road. Guitars jangle (no joke) around a tambourine-augmented (no joke) beat. Half of the track is instrumental, but– by the time its not-quite-four minutes expire– it sticks like a pure pop anthem. Again, no joke.”

We agree!

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