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Moscow Music Week 2019: Music, Networking & More

Moscow Music Week 2019: Music, Networking & More

The Orchard recently partnered with Moscow Music Week, an international festival that took place September 4-7 in Russia featuring a plethora of artist performances, industry networking, and insightful conversation about the state and future of the music industry in this market. Throughout the week, artists performed at 16 leading cultural and musical venues across the city, with more than 100 artist performances.

Members from The Orchard Russia team joined some of Russia’s biggest figures in the music industry. Senior Label & Marketing Manager, Russia & Ukraine, Oleg Rozov, took the time to talk to participants about how to work with The Orchard, answering many questions from up and coming artists, producers, and label managers. The main goal throughout the festival was, how can we provide access to the market’s latest music trends to a wider audience of listeners?

Moscow Music Week 2019: Music, Networking & More

The Orchard organized a central space for artists and labels to relax in between shows and panel sessions. 

Performers varied from music genres with acts ranging from electro pop, rock, and underground rap. Artists like POEXXXALI and Sewage Sour (Make It Music, EMBERS) all took the stage and brought the people of Russia together.

POEXXXALI is known for being a very “DIY” type of group, according to their interview with InRussia, “Indulging in a collaborative spirit of their work and without giving it too much thought Poexxxali has soon turned from a two-man operation into a multidisciplinary project with a network of cultural producers, who are in on the idea of celebrating the absurd, spooky, crazy spirit of the moment, which leaves everyone with a room for interpretation.”

If you want to find out how you can attend Moscow Music Week next year, make sure to stay tuned to their website for more information!

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