N* Grandjean Carrying Stars On Debut

I’m always tentative when listening to a new artist, but my fears were abated as soon as the first few bars of “Heroes & Saints” began, because I just knew it was going to work. Like all the tracks on Grandjean‘s debut Carrying Stars, the music is deep, the lyrics clever, and the songs polished to a mirror shine with some of the best mixes I’ve heard in recent years. Excluding minor contributions from his friends Mikkel Lomborg & cellist Brit Bird, Grandjean plays all the instruments himself which simply shows he is a multi talented musician to boot.

Grandjean has already earned his reputation as an experienced man on the live scene, previously one of two singers in his former band Luke and collaborating with top producer and DJ Kenneth Badger on the internationally acclaimed album Fragments from a Space Cadet . Grandjean’s work has also received quite a lot of radio attention, frequently appearing on the playlists of P3, Denmark’s best known station. I don’t recommened stuff by principle…but check this out.

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