There Is No Stopping Poliça… And We Don’t Want To

Poliça, Give You The GhostI remember way back when I was first getting in touch with the indie music scene (about 8 months ago, don’t judge) the very first band I “discovered” was Poliça. It was maybe a week or two before their debut Give You The Ghost came out and I fell in love with their sound: the excessively manipulated vocals, the killer double down on the drums, every single thing about every single song I loved…

After all these months and watching them get bigger and bigger, I still love them. I would even go so far as to say I feel a certain parental sense of pride in their success. As if somehow my being slightly (really) obsessed with them contributed to the fact that they premiered a video on Jay-Z‘s website Life+Times, or that Grammy winning Justin Vernon of Bon Iver called them “the best band I’ve ever heard.”

I saw them perform back in February at Bottom Of The Hill here in San Francisco, and what a killer live show! Front-woman Channy Leaneagh was energetic and electric on stage, but the dueling drums on “Leading to Death” was, hands down, my favorite moment of the show. And they’ve been out touring ever since, hitting up South by Southwest in Austin, as well as a good portion of the East Coast, even scoring a last minute spot on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

They don’t show any signs of stopping, either. With a full slate of shows scheduled well into November, including a two-month stint in Europe, I can’t wait until they come back to play in August, this time at a much bigger venue, the famed Independent. For full list of tour dates head over to Poliça’s website.

And if you just can’t wait and need a little Poliça right now, check out their video for “Amongster”:

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