The Orchard Announces Industry’s First Full Film Projections & Transparency Tool

CartelLand“When do I recoup?” If you’re an independent filmmaker or producer, you know this refrain well and you know how difficult it can be to get a clear answer. As the film distribution landscape has undergone rapid changes in recent years with the advent of digital technologies, there has a been an industry-wide call for transparency around platform performance numbers in order to provide a fuller understanding of what “success” now means, especially for independent film releases.

In an era when theatrical release is less and less indicative of overall financial performance, filmmakers need public reporting of transactional VOD performance alongside Theatrical Box Office numbers. They are trying to understand financial success and how dollars translate to the audience reach of their films. Ultimately, they are trying to get the complete picture of revenues as well as costs in order to create a more sustainable model of film financing and production… “So, when do I recoup?”

In an industry first, The Orchard’s new transparency tool will provide our film clients with an intuitive, fully contextualized, and fully detailed answer. While we already lead in this space, currently providing accounting and digital analytics through our client dashboard, this new tool will flesh out the analytics with data integration for all revenue streams (including box office and license deals) as well as provide a detailed breakdown of printing and advertising (P&A) costs. We’ve also created ultimate projection capabilities where we will expose our internal estimations of end-of-life performance on all revenue streams, providing our clients with a complete picture of how release strategies, marketing decisions and market performance inform the recoupment timeline.


The independent film landscape is evolving faster than ever before, creating a deep knowledge gap between distributors and even the most savvy of filmmakers and producers. The Orchard is seeking to bridge that gap and realign distributors and film clients as partners in distribution, working together to optimize film releases in a dynamically changing industry.

TransparencyPic2Read the story in the Wall Street Journal and find our full press release here.

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