Orchard-ites Exposed

We thought it was high time you got to know us better here at The Orchard. We’re an exciting, fun-loving and hard-working bunch – and sure, we know that, but you don’t necessarily.

Therefore, inaugurated by this post, we’ll regularly be sharing some fun facts and figures with you – ranging from internal studies to marketing tools as well as industry trends.

First point of order:

Who ARE these Unidentified Fruits?

… and speaking of fruit, what is it they like to eat?

Now that we’ve established these breakfast food habits (random!), let’s take a closer look at the controversial notion of… gender. [gasp]


Ok, woah woah woah, what does all of this mean?

Basically, we’ve got way more men than women (even though our women’s feisty spirits kind of make up for it) and the men tend to stay longer than the women. This is illustrated by the fact that a whopping 71.4% of employees who have been here longer than 6 years are men, versus only 28.6% of women. Even if you consider marrying rich, having lots of babies or just frustration at all the men in the office as possible reasons for this female exile, they don’t quite justify the imbalance.

But The Orchard is taking action and is hiring more women than men, because they realize women are awesome too.

Now let’s take a look at what really makes us who we are: MUSIC!

Clearly, ROCK is the front-runner… So let’s break it down a little bit.

And the conclusion of this survey is: 35-40 year old women obviously rock it the most.

And that is how we do it here at The Orchard! Feel free to comment and share with us what YOUR favorite music and breakfast foods are. Then we can decide whether or not to include you in our unidentified clan.

Note: These results are completely objective and not at all influenced by the fact the survey was conducted by a woman. 

Special thanks to Drew Schorno for the wonderful graphics. 

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