The Orchard + Red Bull Media House Bring You the Best in Action Sports Films

10259980_703505583021728_8808012807702545879_nIf you love watching visually enticing stunts performed by your favorite extreme athletes like we do here at The Orchard, you’re going to be stoked to hear our latest tidbit of news: we’ve teamed up with Red Bull Media House to give you one hell of an action sports entertainment ride!

You must’ve seen those action-packed clips and commercials done by the drink brand, including some of the world’s greatest kayakers, motocrossers, surfers, skiers, parachuters and other all-out ballers, right? Well Red Bull is also behind these grandest of adventurers in another capacity: film. They’re major producers in the world of action sports films, bringing insane — otherwise unseen — pro footage to die-hard fans of extreme sports.

And now, we’re partnering with Red Bull Media House to get those jam-packed features seen by more audiences far and wide. We already have the largest and richest catalog of action sports films in the world, and we’ve got our very own video imprint, EchoBoom Sports. So we’re excited to reach out to more fans with this remarkable new content through our worldwide digital and cable distribution deal.

What should you be on the lookout for now that the big news is out? For starters, we released Brandon Semenuk’s Rad Company just last month. Next up, we’ll release ski film Days Of My Youth and motorcycle doc On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter.

Stay tuned for more phenomenal sports adventure films we’ll be throwing your way. In the mean time, find more details about the partnership in our official press release here.

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