The Orchard Picks Up X-Treme Ringleader Nitro Circus

NitroCircusLogoWe’ve done it again, y’all. We got ourselves another kick-ass partnership with a world leader in action sports! Nitro Circus, the leading extreme sports entertainment brand, now has a home at The Orchard. From now on, when you want to stream, rent or download one of their mind-blowing and bending films, we’ll be the ones serving it up to you on a silver platter as Nitro Circus’ new worldwide distributor.

First up on the agenda is the release of Action Figures, out today! The film, directed by Nitro Circus ringmaster and motorsports legend Travis Pastrana, brings together some of the world’s greatest action sports athletes to perform over 20 “world’s first tricks,” making dream (possibly nightmare?) stunts a reality. Each athlete involved not only shattered records in the recording of their stunts, but also edited their individual section, an extreme sports movie feat in and of itself.

But wait, there’s more! On top of today’s release, we’re also making all past Nitro Circus films (that’s eight in total) available for the first time digitally under one roof, meaning we’re your new one-stop-shop for all things Nitro Circus.

This marks The Orchard’s sixth action sports catalog agreement, following our previous deals with folks like Red Bull Media House, Brain Farm and Fanclub Media. For more on this most recent partnership with Nitro Circus, check out our official press release and Video Ink’s news coverage. After that, go check out Action Figures!

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