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Out Today by The Orchard: Agust D, Shaqdi, & More!

Out Today by The Orchard: Agust D, Shaqdi, & More!

From K-pop to Indie-Rock to R&B, this week’s Out Today has something in store for you. Check out the new releases from K-pop global superstar and member of BTS Agust D, Swedish R&B singer Shaqdi, and Danish Indie rockers Yune.

Agust D – D-2 (Big Hit Entertainment)

After offering mysterious teasers and countdowns over the past few days, SUGA fans can now celebrate. The BTS member, also known by his alias Agust D, has released a new mixtape D-2 via Big Hit Entertainment. This is the second solo release from SUGA following his debut self-titled album released in 2016. D-2 consists of ten tracks and includes collaborations with American artist MAX,  fellow BTS member RM, and NiiHWA. Along with the release of the mixtape is the video for “Daechwita.” This track uses a combination of traditional Korean instrumentation intertwined with Trap beats. SUGA contributed in songwriting and lyrics for each track, which together, illustrates his life from when he first started in music to his current state. Listen to D-2 now.

Shaqdi, Daydreaming (East of Eden) 

London-based Swedish R&B singer, songwriter and producer Shaqdi shares her second EP Daydreaming via East of Eden. The 6-track collection features previously released “Daydreamer”, “Mom”, “Predictable” and “5 Days,” and new standout single “Lover” plus the previously unheard “Velcro.” London-based producer Zagor produced four songs on the EP, and has been a long time collaborator of Shaqdi’s. “Lover” was written five years ago and was the first track the two artists ever worked on together. On her song “Lover” and the EP Daydreaming Shaqdi says,“It’s about taking down your guard and finding love when you least expect it. Once you find it you know that you would do literally anything for that love. All the songs are more personal than anything I’ve written before and have themes around family, depression and relationships.” Listen to Daydreaming now! 

Yune, AGOG (Crunchy Frog) 

Danish Indie-Rock quintet Yune has released their debut album via Crunchy Frog, AGOG. The album explores seemingly hopeless situations and trying your best to find a way out. But is that glimmer of hope you see an oasis, or a mirage? In ten tracks, Yune uses scorching desert imagery, leaving it up to the listener to decide what the imagery might relate to. Says the band, “The desert imagery is open to interpretation; to different frames of mind. For some, it might be the heat and the meditative, buoyant feeling of endlessness. For others, it might be loneliness and emptiness that dominates the listening experience.” Transport yourself to the desert in Yune’s AGOG, out now.

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