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Out Today by The Orchard: Tennis, Gazapizm, & More!

Out Today by The Orchard: Tennis, Gazapizm, & More!

It’s finally Friday! Celebrate the end of the workweek and the start off the weekend with new music. Whether you’re staying in or partying it up, turn your speakers up and find your new favorite song! This week, we give you new music from indie-pop duo Tennis, Turkish rapper Gazapizm, and jazz pianist Aaron Diehl. 

Tennis, Swimmer (Mutually Detrimental)

Husband-and-wife duo Tennis, consisting of Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, wrote their new album Swimmer on both land and sea. Sailing is not foreign to both Riley and Moore, as the couple started the band after an eight-month sailing expedition down the Eastern Atlantic Seaboard after graduating from the University of Colorado, Denver. This album encompasses the band’s origins as they sailed around Baja California, Mexico writing music and recorded in their homemade studio in Denver. Swimmer is the result of musical experimentation by the duo, toying with new instruments and letting their lyrical abilities stand out. The enticing production is accompanied by delicate vocals that make the music feel like a blast from the past with a modern twist. Check out Swimmer here

Gazapizm, HİZA (Argo Yapım)

Turkish rapper Gazapizm has been making music since 2003, immediately after he was first introduced to the culture of hip-hop in high school by his friends who were also interested in rapping. Gazapizm found a great passion for music and put out his first mixtape only a few years after discovering the genre. His fame only grew with each successive album and this newfound fame prompted a performance with the Tepecik Philharmonic Orchestra (Tepecik Filarmoni Orkestrası), making him the first rap artist to be allotted this opportunity. Returning with his first album in four years, Gazapizm is ready to change up his sound. HİZA is unlike any of his past releases, filled with new instruments and hard-hitting lyrics, but it is sure to amaze all audiences. Discover Turkish rap and enjoy every minute of it here.

Aaron Diehl, The Vagabond (Mack Avenue Records)

What’s better than reading a good book while jazz music is playing in the background? If that’s what you want your weekend to look like, Aaron Diehl is at your service. Diehl is one of the youngest artists to be the Monterey Jazz Festival Commission Artist, an honor he received in 2014. A rising star of jazz piano, Diehl is set to make his mark in the world of jazz with his new album The Vagabond. The recording is a wonderful blend of Diehl’s Jazz influences and his career and background as a classical performer. The Vagabond is filled with elegant tracks that showcase a melodic masterpiece and Diehl’s technical wizardry. The music speaks for itself on this album, and though it is not announced in an extravagant matter, the quality is revealed to be profound. Sit back and relax with The Vagabond. 

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Happy Holidays From The Orchard Around The World

Please note, our offices will be closed between December 24th and January 2nd. See you on Tuesday, January 3rd for what we hope will be a fantastic 2017!


Happy Holidays From The Orchard!

From all of us at The Orchard, have a joyous holiday. Our offices will be closed between December 23rd and January 2nd. See you on Tuesday, January 2nd for a wonderful new year!