Out Today by The Orchard: T-Pain, Demon Hunter & More

March has dawned and although the flowers aren’t expected to bloom anytime soon, we’ve still got plenty to be excited about because it’s a new week and that means, new music! Grind into the edgy rock of a band resurfaced, hear the original music behind the recently unmasked voice, and experience twice the metal with a double release, all Out Today.

T-Pain is having quite the album roll out. First, he brings us the fun party track “Getcha Roll On,” then he surprises the world when he is revealed as Monster, the formerly anonymous character on the new reality singing competition, The Masked Singer. In the same week that T-Pain was crowned on national television, the brand new album from the “Buy U a Drink” performer, 1UP hits the stores. With a shining personality, the Cinematic artist gets listeners hyped with his upbeat tunes and quirky lyrics to match. Pump 1UP now and dance your night away with the Monster.

With an offbeat 80’s degenerate vibe, Royal Trux is ready, cigarette in hand, to share their newest album, White Stuff in conjunction with Fat Possum. After a quick 14 year break, Royal Trux are back with a gritty, rock n’roll indifference. The album combines new age alternative with the hair metal bands of leather pants passed. The Wire may have put it best saying “If you listen to White Stuff and hear good time rock ’n’ roll then perhaps it’s time to check into the rock ’n’ roll nursing home. On the other hand if you hear avant garde brinksmanship, check your ears. It’s both, it’s neither. Does it matter? Does anything? Yes and no.” Turn on White Stuff and decide for yourself.

Demon Hunter shares not just one but two full length albums today. The pair are thematically titled War and Peace and are brought to you by Solid State. The heavy metal group mixes skillful vocals with heavy guitar riffs and skillful vocals that teeter on the brink of screaming. If you like the heavy sound of hardcore but often steer away from yelling, you may prefer PeaceOr if you’ve had a rough day and need to rock on the dark side, War could be more your speed. Either way you’ll want to listen to what Decibel describes saying “Metalcore survivors make their best album, ever… twice.”

Kick off your weekend with new music and join us next week for more.

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