Pavement Punk and Asphalt Acoustic: Going to California!

CA holga shotI’m as much of a fan of public transportation as the next New Yorker, but I still miss driving. Hailing from Detroit, where cars are as much a part of your life as anything, I long to roll down my windows and crank up the stereo. Once again ready again to hit the road, I’m planning a drive from L.A. to San Francisco, and have begun making mixes for the journey. Here are some songs bound to sit shotgun on the drive:

Birds – Lymbyc System
A song as winding and airy as Highway

San Fernando Valley – Nancy Sinatra
Nancy’s fun take on Gordon Jenkin’s 1944 hit. And the Thelma to my Louise.

The New Rise of Labor – Norfolk & Western
A song about the West and borders drawn.

The Lone Surfer – The Deadly Ones
The only band ever known to make a Monster Party Surf Rock album! Check the cover art

Wanderin’ Kind – The Turtles
As a good of a song as any to inspire ramblin’.

LeSabre Radar – The Hentchmen
“The Hentch” talk shop while referencing our heroes of the 60s.

90s Nomad – Bratmobile
Not really a song about driving, but a band to surely help you speed.

405 (Acoustic) – Death Cab For Cutie
Death Cab for Cutie duh.

Draw A Map – Takka Takka
Not just another roadside attraction, Takka Takka are the real deal.

Since I’ve Been Waiting For You – MONO
Bound to inspire highway daydream

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