Succumb to Pete Rock’s Soulful Sequel, “Petestrumentals 2”

pete-rock-cosmic-slop-mp3Pete Rock, the steadfast staple in the history of East Coast Hip-Hop, is officially back, and he’s brought the beats of his new record, Petestrumentals 2. In a mixture of smooth samples and head-rocking rhythms that make any New Yorker feel at home, the lyric-less LP accentuates the prolific producer’s sound that can only be described by his history.

Born in the Bronx, Rock‘s childhood revolved around music. His father, a DJ, worked using an extensive Jazz album collection. The young Rock would often accompany him to DJ gigs, engraining the complex elements of Jazz music in his creative psyche forever. After being introduced to New York’s Hip-Hop underground by his cousin Heavy D, Rock’s talents caught attention as he was taken in by the equally everlasting Marley Marl at age 16.

As a result, the legendary producer has played perhaps the largest role of any NYC producer in defining the jazzy sound of East Coast Hip-Hop. His beats are often led by hook driven horn sections and snappy drum samples, resulting in an infectious groove that could push any stiff to sway. Because of this signature sound, artists like C.L. Smooth, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, Kanye West, Biggie Smalls, Public Enemy and Mary J, Blige have recruited Rock to generate gems.

This record, however, is solely his own. The original Petestrumentals established this instrumental trademark, and Petestrumentals 2 affirms its timelessness. The record feels like a celebration of Hip-Hop’s rich history, giving speechless insight on New York’s beautiful injection of influence into the genre.

Petestrumentals 2 is out now on Mello Music Group, and you can listen to the full album stream on YouTube, below:

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