Ponder William Shatner’s Mystery

william-shatner-ponder-the-mysteryWilliam Shatner is boldly going where no man has gone before… well, maybe he has been there before. Once in 1968 with The Transformed Manthen in 1977 with William Shatner Live; in 2004 with Has Been, produced and arranged by Ben Folds; and in 2011 with Seeking Major Tom, on which he worked with Peter Frampton, Steve Howe from Yes, John Wetton from King Crimson and Asia, Bootsy Collins, and Brad Paisley, to name a few.

Ok, so maybe more than one man has gone there before. Regardless, with Shatner calling Ponder The Mystery his “most creative work” to date, surely it will provide Shatner-fans worldwide with an auditory experience worth remembering. Having teamed up with such greats as Yes’ Billy Sherwood and Rick Wakeman, The Doors Robby Krieger, Edgar Winter, Steve Vai, and the late George Duke, the concept album tells the story of a man reflecting back on his life in hopes of regaining his happiness.

With his last release leaning in a Heavy Metal direction, Ponder The Mystery is distinctly Prog-Rock, featuring Shatner’s signature spoken-word style over lush instrumental arrangements, atypical time signatures and complex, multi-part vocal harmonies. Departing from his usual tactic of reinterpreting popular songs, Shatner wrote all of the lyrics to Ponder The Mystery himself, showcasing not only his unmistakeable ability to build… suspense… with his… stop-and-go delivery, but also his poetic prowess.

Watch out for this release coming early next month, October 8th, on Cleopatra Records.

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