Puddin’ Animator Mark Stansberry Does Social Networking the Old Fashioned Way

Two years ago Mark Stansberry, a self taught animator and father of eight, got on a New York City Subway and started selling DVDs of his cartoon Puddin’ for $1. Since that time 40,000 discs have passed into the hands of straphangers and countless others have seen Mark’s characters emblazoned onto his shirt.  This might have been another one of those “Only in NY” stories were it not for chance encounter with the former CEO of The Orchard, Greg Scholl.  We’ve been able to help Mark out with some of the less physical aspects of getting his show out there and now we’re very happy to see him getting some love from the local media here in the city. We don’t think this is the end of the story. See what Mark is working on at the moment over at YouTube

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