Raise Your Flipagram Game: Best Practices & Pro Tips

Flipagram-logo-red-on-whiteWe’ve already introduced you to Flipagram — one of our recent social app discoveries — with some reasons why it’s a perfect fit for musicians. Today we’re back with some best practices and pro tips that will help you make the most of all the exciting features Flipagram has to offer.

First and foremost, Flipagram is all about creation. Make sure that you, the artist or label, have a variety of photos to share. Having 15 to 20 high quality images and varying lengths of video is a great place to start, and Flipagram’s photo and video picker makes selecting the best content super easy. Don’t forget to crop your photos to the best size — Flipagrams are all square — and pick enough photos and videos to make your Flipagram last between 20-30 seconds.

When you have all that, it’s time to pick the music. Music is what makes your Flipagram unique and catchy, so pick a jam that properly conveys what you’re trying to communicate. Vice versa, if you’re raising awareness around a specific single, pick images and videos that fit with your music.

If you want to take your Flipagrams a step further, try adding text to your photos. You can do this on the Edit Photo page and use the space for a title, commentary, maybe some song lyrics or a simple description. Or, make your photos stay on screen for longer by creating duplicates — no one wants to miss that ridiculous face you made at your last show. Into stop-motion animation? Use your camera’s burst mode to take a sequence of images, add them all to your Flipagram and adjust the speed to create your own personal flipbook.

With these tips, you’re bound to get your fans excited. All that’s left is gaining social momentum by posting frequently and consistently, say once a week or twice a month. Check out our previous blog post for tips on how to best engage your fans, like creating a memorable hashtag or liking, commenting and reflipping their work. In the end, it’s all about how you tie all of these together to fit your vibe and speak to your fans. We can’t wait to see what you come up.

Check out Flipagram’s complete best practices here.

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