Rdio.Is.Free. It’s Official.

It’s official. Streaming stores are now integrated with Facebook. More importantly, Rdio is now integrated with Facebook. Even more importantly, you can now listen to Rdio which is integrated with your Facebook FOR FREE. That’s right folks, you read correctly. To listen to all your favorite music on demand, you don’t have to spend your hard earned greenbacks, cheddar, dead presidents, dough, beer vouchers, cabbage, doll hairs, moola, your… well you get the drift.

You can do a number of the same things as Spotify: stream songs on-demand, share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook and see what they’re listening to in real-time, and create collaborative and custom playlists. But what really revs my engine? With Rdio, you receive music recommendations based on YOUR tastes and can listen without any annoying disruption all up in your grill. You won’t see or hear a single ad.

In celebration of the great news for doll hairless music fans alike we’ve included a playlist of The Orchard’s best new music that you can officially listen to on Facebook and Rdio FOR FREE. Cause just like friendship, it’s not official until it’s confirmed on Facebook.

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