Solving YouTube Writer’s Block

YouTubeWritersBlockContent is king… unless you don’t have any. This fact is vital for YouTubers. Viewers need to have fresh, creative content on a regular basis, or they’ll go somewhere else to find it. Even for channels that consistently upload new videos, a missed week or two could be difficult to recover from.

But what do you do when you’re fresh out of new video ideas? The first step is avoiding creator’s block in the first place. Here are some good habits to stick to:

  1. Plan ahead: Try to produce and plan 2 videos in advance
  2. Think in categories: Week 1 — New Episode; Week 2 — Music Video; Week 3 — Q&A; Week 4 — Behind the Scenes. Repeat.
  3. Watch your metricsKeep an eye on trends and adjust your content accordingly

If you’re already past the “be prepared” phase, try these next quick ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

Best of…

Fans know best. Check out your video comments and watch time trends in analytics. Is there an overwhelmingly positive response on a certain type of video you’ve posted? If so, maybe you can find more of that and recycle it into a new, improved video. Compile as much of that content as you can and make a concentrated “Best of” piece. Since you already know fans enjoy this type of content, your video will already have some traction and it can buy you some time until the next post (see above to avoid getting in another bind!).

Off the Cuff

Sometimes creators get too bogged down with the details. Constantly thinking about production quality, camera angles, graphics and scripts can completely strangle the creative process. If you’re stuck, step away from the details for a minute and get honest with your viewers. Doing something out of the ordinary could be a refreshing change from the norm. How about giving your viewers personal insight into your creative process? Take them through a casual walkthrough of your songwriting or storyboarding process — something from your regular routine. There’s a lot that goes into being an artist. Show your fans! You might be surprised how intrigued they will be.

Get Your Viewers Involved

A great way to create something fresh and engaging is to crowd source from your fans. Getting viewers involved allows them to be a part of the action while also giving you some vital feedback on their interests. Read your viewer comments. Is anybody asking for videos or topics you haven’t covered yet? Use this as your “idea box.” How about asking them directly? Use Hangouts on Air to have a live, face-to-face chat with your fans. This will serve as both your new video for the week and potential ideas for future videos. You can have a simple Q&A or talk about the new project you’re working on.

Having creative content on a regular basis is crucial, but never sacrifice quality for consistency. If you post a crappy video just to post one, your fans will see right through it and might not come back. If you are truly out of fresh ideas, take time to gather your thoughts and develop a collection of new videos for your next round (get it together and plan ahead!). Try to chain these videos together. A really good Q&A video could lead to a “Best of…” which could lead to new original content, which could lead to a new Q&A and so on. Keep that creativity flowing!

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