The Sounds of Summer Are Calling You…

summersocapartyYou thought winter would never end, but guess what?! After months in the Polar Vortex and the eye of the tigers of spring, SUMMER IS AROUND THE CORNER. And nothing is more useful to make you look like a boss in the midst of your summer antics than the perfect party mix. Whether you’re barbecuing some mushrooms in the backyard, dancing on a rooftop or scaling a mountain, you’re gonna need both hands!

Check out some of these new releases from our Compilations department to assist you in achieving all your summer hopes and dreams:

What’s cooler than cool on a hot day? An ICE-COLD margarita and some caliente Latin tunes, like our Corridos Bien Armados release.  A selection of regional Mexican and Corridos faves, these are sure to get you in a festive summer state of mind.

For late-night howling at the summer moon, turn up the vibes with our Summer Soca Party: Top Soca Hits 2015. Be sure you stretch out first though, we don’t want you throwing your back out when you bust those moves!

Maybe you prefer a chiller note to your summertime, and would enjoy The Best Underground Hip Hop From New York City and Beyond. Zone out on Arts the Beatdoctor, Armand Hammer, the A.M. Breakups and more.

And if your skin is so fair that you prefer blackout curtains and non-stop A/C to suntan lotion, you’ll definitely appreciate our new Lunch Box Goth collection of underground classics, featuring Christian Death, Psychic TV, The March Violets and early Moev. Total anti-BBQ-core for your favorite wallflower!

Whatever you do, enjoy your summer and keep the music playing!

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