Spotify Makes It Crystal Clear

Spotify New Official LogoCaught in the polarity between musicians and artists singing their praises (badum ch!) and detesting the service, Spotify realized they needed to get all Jerry Maguire up in here and ‘Show Us the Money’. On December 3, 2013, they did just that with the launch of their new artist website, an artist facing site designed to specifically provide transparency into the service’s financial model and how it pays artists.

Additionally, Spotify teamed up with Next Big Sound to create a dashboard where any artist can register for a free Next Big Sound ‘lite’ account. Artists can view their total Spotify play counts**, updated on a daily basis (**artist-only play counts — these will not be broken down to the release or track levels). If Cuba Gooding chooses to access his data via the new dashboard, he can calculate his earnings on Spotify using the information provided (of course this number does not reflect deductions as per Cuba’s football label contracts, but once that is taken into account, he can figure out his royalties payable).

Within Spotify’s artist page, artists also have access to Spotify’s best practices and guides, which educate artists and labels on how they can get their music on Spotify and promote themselves. This section shows Mister Gooding which distributors provide content and how he can verify his artist page, grow his followers and share his music with fans.

Finally, in the very near future, Songkick and Topspin will also further integrate with Spotify by allowing them to promote other revenue streams within the service.

If that’s not enough, Spotify plans to make a big product announcement at their next NFL Draft big media event. Stay tuned for their mission statement more exciting news on December 11th.


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