Ever Wonder What Sync Licensing Was Like In Morocco?

morocco flag, syncMy name is Laila Lebbar and I have been interning in the Sync and Creative departments at The Orchard for the past 4 months. Throughout my internship  I was able to discover some of the great work done by The Orchard team for brands like Target, Heineken, Honda, and more.

Coming from Morocco, I am always impressed by the quality of music in American advertisements. While most people hate interruptions while they are watching their favorite TV show or movie, I enjoy every second of the music when it’s beautifully placed. Sync in Morocco is still in its infancy compared to the United States. The cost to sync American music to an advertisement is very high compared to the general standard of living in Morroco. With the exception of a few cases, I have always thought that Moroccan advertisements do not have the greatest music.

Even though I have been away from Morroco for over eight months, I have kept an eye on what is going on in the Moroccan music industry. I came across this video by students of at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane. The video was submitted as part of an advertising contest organized by the School of Business. Personally, I love the music that the students chose and I think it fits well with the picture. I am thrilled that sync is finally getting attention and interest of Moroccan youth and I am optimistic for the future of the industry in this regard.

Project by Sakina Rhattas, Lamiae Skalli, Yacine Kaouti

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