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Nashville, Alice & Bates Motel: Catch These Syncs on a Screen Near You

The Orchard’s Sync & Licensing team has some exciting placements to share, which you can catch starting tonight on the series finale of the beloved music show Nashville, or at a theater near you this Friday, when Alice Through The Looking Glass comes out. Since these tracks are pretty awesome, we’ve included videos for you to enjoy them…. Read more »

Tune In for Music from The Orchard on TV

After a long day’s work, there is nothing better than curling up on the couch to catch up on your favorite program, especially during this snowpocalypse. But did you know that while you were flipping though channels, you might have caught several Orchard artists? Believe it! Into badass women? Or crime dramas? How about both?… Read more »

Ponder William Shatner’s Mystery

William Shatner is boldly going where no man has gone before… well, maybe he has been there before. Once in 1968 with The Transformed Man; then in 1977 with William Shatner Live; in 2004 with Has Been, produced and arranged by Ben Folds; and in 2011 with Seeking Major Tom, on which he worked with Peter… Read more »

Get Frisky with Sons Of Hippies

To all you Rock fans out there, the Psychedelic Space Rock trio Sons Of Hippies has premiered a new single and video for “Rose” on the music and culture website MXDWN. This is the second single from the Florida-based band’s new album, Griffons At The Gates Of Heaven, which hits stores on July 16th via Cleopatra Records…. Read more »

Verizon FiOS: Fast Enough To “Freak You”

At a whopping 300/65 Mbps, Verizon’s FiOS Quantum Internet allows users to download, upload and stream seamlessly and faster than ever. The latest advertisement for the service features a very adventurous man flying around mountains to the sound of “Freak You” by Orchard artist, Blackburner. The song can be found on the release Feel the Burn, released by Cleopatra Records… Read more »