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Self Titled Railroad Earth LP Is Out Today

Railroad Earth released their eponymous fifth studio release in all digital and physical stores today via One Haven Music. The album is also streaming in full throughout the week on AOL Spinner and MSN’s Listening Booth. Fans of Railroad Earth may have already heard some of the new album last Friday, when the band had… Read more »

The Black Angels Offer “Phosphene Dream” for $5.99 on Their Facebook Page, Reveal Gibson Studio Performance Video of “Bad Vibrations”

Austin psych-rock quintet The Black Angels released their long-awaited third LP, Phosphene Dream, via Blue Horizon two weeks ago, and now the band has announced that they’ll be offering the digital album for just $5.99 on their Facebook page all week. The offer, up now, will run until 11AM on October 5th. The Black Angels… Read more »

The State of the Internet

JESS3, a creative interactive agency specializing in social media data visualization, recently posted an awesome State of the Internet video. I’m a sucker for these stats, so I spent a few minutes pulling out some takeaways: 1.4 billion people using email truly reinforces the importance of email marketing (and with spam taking up 77% of… Read more »

The Orchard is on Facebook!

Last week Facebook had nearly 71 million unique visitors in May – that’s more than MySpace! What does this mean for us? Facebook has become a powerful marketing vehicle for businesses, artists, celebrities, and individuals who want to communicate in real time what’s happening in their lives. Facebook gives The Orchard an opportunity to take… Read more »