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Who Do You Dance For?

Fifteen-year-old Egor is forced to grow up fast when he leaves his native Russia behind to pursue a dance career in Denmark. “I didn’t feel like leaving at all. I just felt like dancing extremely much,” explains Egor in the opening of Katrine Philp’s film debut, “Dance For Me.” Blessed and cursed with a brilliant… Read more »

Welcome, Paul!

Introducing Paul Davidson, Senior Vice President, Film & TV If there’s one thing that’s a constant in the digital space today, it’s that nothing stays the same. Companies who can move fast, fail fast and recover quickly are often the first to market. And when you can combine such action with passion, intelligence and and… Read more »

Welcome, Maggie!

Introducing Maggie Leyden, Client Relations Manager, Film & TV I’m very excited to be joining the Client Services team for Video Distribution here at The Orchard! I grew up in Yonkers, NY and previously, I was at Sesame Workshop for about 6.5 years doing International Media Distribution — mostly TV & DVD. Before going global,… Read more »

Welcome, Matt!

Introducing Matt Landers, Sales Manager, Film & TV My name is Matt, and I’m thrilled to be joining The Orchard’s Film & TV team. Originally from the Jersey Shore, I grew up a bit of a comic book nerd with a passion for New York sports teams (Knicks, Yankees and Giants — it’s been a… Read more »

Welcome, Ari!

Introducing Ari Cohen, Coordinator, Entertainment Acquisitions Hi everyone. I’m based out of our Los Angeles office and have joined The Orchard as the Entertainment Acquisitions Coordinator in the Video/Film department. I began working here part time shortly after graduating from UCLA. I lived in Santa Barbara prior to moving to Los Angeles. I’m an avid… Read more »