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5 Tips on How to Create a Successful Indie Film for the Digital Distribution Era

Nobody can argue that the DVD market is here to stay. All evidence suggests consumers increasingly want movies on-demand, delivered digitally. While consumers are shifting their time and money from the physical video market to the online video market, suggesting a link between the two, they are really two different markets. I would suggest they… Read more »

Takedowns & Falls on iTunes

Filmmaker Todd Hickey chronicles a season with a central Pennsylvania high school wrestling team and its journey to the state championships.  The young athletes profiled in Takedowns & Falls compete in a physically and mentally grueling sport that is often overlooked in favor of more popular scholastic athletics like basketball and football. Wrestlers compete in… Read more »

The Philosopher Kings Featured on Hulu

In search of wisdom found in unlikely places, The Philosopher Kings takes us on a journey through the halls of the most prestigious colleges and universities in America to learn from the staff members who see it all and have been through it all: the custodians. This thought-provoking, feature-length documentary interweaves the untold stories of… Read more »

The Mother of Invention on iTunes

Americans love to dream big; even if that dream is a junior inventor award. Young man-boy genius Vincent Dooly (Andrew Bowser) is entering his last year of eligibility for the Eddy, the award given annually to the great emerging minds of a young generation. The only thing standing in his way is his archrival Martin… Read more »